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PostSubject: Second Life Photography Collective   Second Life Photography Collective I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 8:16 pm

About Us

Welcome to Second Life Photography Collective. We’re a group of machinimagraphers (computer generated photography/video) who want to share our artwork to the public. Machinimagrphy is not a traditional form of art because it hasn’t been around for very long. We all know are aware of how awesome Pixar movies are, yet we don’t see vary many art museums having such type of artwork.

To put machinima in the art contending arena, this type of art has equivalent quantitative art value to professional painters. The amount of attention the art captures is equivalent or even more than the art you might come across elsewhere. We aim to provide you a high art and entertainment quotient at zero cost to you.

The art you see here has more value than the spam internet banners you see across the world wide web. Second Life Photography illustrates what we as humans think, feel, and believe.

Our virtual world services include photography, video, custom animations, and clothing. However, this also cross into real world transactions. We’re hired by many organizations for digital design and even 3D modeling.

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Second Life Photography Collective
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