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 The History of 3D Studio (3DS Max)

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PostSubject: The History of 3D Studio (3DS Max)   Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:29 pm

The History of 3D Studio – Tom Hudson interview

Probably the first 3DS rendering with multiple colored
light sources and specular highlights

3D Studio was released to the public in October 1990. The 3D arena at the time was populated by a diverse range of software running on various platforms: LightWave 3D, Sculpt-Animate 4D, Imagine, Topas, Electric Image, Softimage|3D, Wavefront Advanced Visualizer and Alias PowerAnimator, among others. Back then, the words PC and multimedia were not used in the same sentence, and few people would’ve dared to place their graphics software bets on PCs. The first version of 3D Studio was created by four developers, and its low cost, versatile functionality, and expandability via a plugin architecture would make it the most widely used 3D software in the world.

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Tom Hudson, who has been one of the main developers of 3D Studio, as well as the author of the software’s precursors, Solid States and CAD-3D. In this interview, done some months away from the software’s upcoming 20th anniversary, Tom shares fascinating details on the development of Autodesk 3D Studio and 3DS Max, as well as his views on the current state and future of the CG Industry. Be sure not to miss the extra info written by Tom that can be found by clicking on some of the images, and which sheds light on many of 3D Studio’s iconic illustrations. We hope you enjoy this dive into the waters of 3D history.

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Full interview:
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The History of 3D Studio (3DS Max)
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