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 Xoliulshader - 3DS Max Viewport Shader

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Xoliulshader - 3DS Max Viewport Shader Empty
PostSubject: Xoliulshader - 3DS Max Viewport Shader   Xoliulshader - 3DS Max Viewport Shader I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 25, 2009 11:04 pm

Xoliulshader - 3DS Max Viewport Shader 2z7ic1t

In this video tutorial, specifically made for game artists working with 3DS Max, Laurens Corijn will show you how to use his ever popular Xoliul viewport shader to display your work in realtime, and also how to set up fancy viewport effects such as shadows and SSAO. Apart from being a more correct way to display your videogame art than standard software rendering, this method is also much faster to set up and get your work looking good.

Xoliul viewport shader video tutorial

Clean, readable code that should be understandable and easy to follow for those wanting to learn
3 lights support
All the regular cool stuff like diffuse, spec, gloss, normal and glow maps
Correct additive specular calculation (some shaders do this wrong)
Better glossmap control with offset & range parameters.
Alternative Half Lambert shading model, like in TF2
Extensive Fresnel effects like rimlight and cubemap reflections. Two types of rimlight, including soft TF2 style and hard fake reflections style. These can really add a lot to you screens.
Object-space normalmap support, since there aren’t many shaders for that.
Realtime shadows in Max 2008 & 2009, with soft-shadow blur.
Seperate no shadow version for those with Max 9
Image Based Lighting with cubemaps, for better ambient conditions
Blurry reflections controllable by glossiness map

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Xoliulshader - 3DS Max Viewport Shader
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