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 Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max

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Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max Empty
PostSubject: Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max   Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 3:45 pm

Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max Implict_surface

Mathsurf is a scripted plug-in for 3ds Max to create and explore mathematical surfaces and geometries in form of the standard editable mesh. This plug-in works as an extra create tool in category of geometries along with the parameters which can be used in animation to morphing the surface. This package includes over 60 predefined surfaces and ready to use. MathSurf will expand the mathematical functions embedded in max-script and make you able to create differential geometries such as Minimal surfaces. It also provides more efficient and user friendly interface to make your codes and formulas using the common controls and rollouts in 3ds Max interface.

Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max Reimann_steps

How dose Mathsurf work?
This script creates surfaces by mapping a 2D rectangular domain into R3 space using specific criteria. The rectangle is the product of the intervals [uMin,uMax] and [vMin,vMax]. Each point (u,v) of the rectangle is mapped to a three-dimensional point P with coordinates (x(u,v), y(u,v), z(u,v)). The mapping is given by writing Pascal procedures that defines the values of x, y, and z as functions of u,v. In this method each patch in 3D surface is corresponding by a unique patch in the 2D domain. This continues surface will be considered as an element and the program can generate more copies in different orientation and locations using typical transformations provided by 3dsMax. Therefore the result could be a multi element object or a polyhedral. Like other mesh objects in 3ds Max all modifiers are allowed and you can continue editing by adding the modifiers.

Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max Snailshell

What I need to use Mathsurf ?
Mathsurf can be set up on 3ds max 2008 or higher.

This plug-in has designed in Max-script language and redistribution or modification in source are permitted and must retain the copyright.All documentations are availabe on website in following address:

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Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max Implicit15Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max Mathcurve
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Mathsurf plug-in for 3ds Max
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