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 Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong

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Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong Empty
PostSubject: Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong   Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 17, 2008 2:41 pm

Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong Final

I spent a lot of time on this model; I tried my very best to make it as perfectly as I could, so for example sometimes I changed the prominent arches above the eyes; sometimes I chose to have the eyelids slant inwards or outwards; sometimes I checked the cheek bones to make them look more lifelike; sometimes I had to improve the shape of the orbicularis oculi muscle (the muscle that closes the eyelids), and the shape of the nose, and so on – all of these subtle changes helped to make all the difference in the end!

I have always done my best to make the structure of my artworks clear, and with this piece I put my limits to the test in order to create this oriental beauty, aiming for a good balance between the structure and the appearance of the character. With all the processing work that went on, I found that many things had to be discarded. I had to question whether this character that I wanted to be beautiful was actually so beautiful … Perhaps the beauty I was capturing was not quite the unpretentious oriental beauty that I originally wanted to express? I had to ask myself these questions whilst I worked to keep myself focussed at all times on my original intentions.

I have created models for years, and I have spent much time drawing as well. I therefore had the most confidence on the structure part of this artwork. I realised that to make a muscled man or woman is not too difficult, but if you want to express a kind of feeling – rather than to show a kind of skill – you have to consider so much more! I now know that, in this respect, I still have so much to improve on, but I will try my best to keep improving!

So in this article I am pleased to be sharing with you all the difficulties and feelings that came up during the creation process of this piece; if this making of article can offer you some help, I will be very happy indeed! I also welcome your e-mails to discuss any aspect of cg. Together, I hope to grow with you on the road of creating great cg together

Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong Wsy_1

Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong Wsy_9_2

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Tutorial: Making of Classical Girl by wangshiyong
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