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 Comperision of Max, XSI and Maya.

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Comperision of Max, XSI and Maya. Empty
PostSubject: Comperision of Max, XSI and Maya.   Comperision of Max, XSI and Maya. I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2008 1:48 am

Comperision of Max, XSI and Maya. Logosvs

The following pages contain excerpts from the white paper titled "Quantifying performance in 3D modeling and animation software" was given permission to summarize the findings of the tests. Reproduction of this material is strictly prhobited without written permission from Jon Peddie Research or Click here to visit the white paper page and download the scene files

"Softimage recently commisioned Jon Peddie Research to conduct a series of tests on XSI, Maya and Max. The objective of the tests was to quantify the performance advantages and disadvantages of each software package."Softimage has devoted considerable resources to optimizing their software for multi-core computing on the CPU side. As a result, they wanted to find a way to quantify and demonstrate the advantages. Jon Peddie Research was hired to certify that the tests were reasonable simulations of a users workload. We also recreated the tests in house and found that our results were similar to those obtained by Softimages engineers. We recognize that this is far from perfect, and we hope that other software vendors will participate and recreate the tests in their own products. The .FBX files of the models used to create the tests are available on our website and can be used to create similar tests."

The results of the tests point out several issues that are very helpful to the 3D community. Seven different tests were conducted in an attempt to recreate typical tasks often encountered by a 3D animator/modeler.

The Tests:
Jogger 6K triangles and High res jogger, 35K triangles - both of these tests are good examples for game development with its emphasis on character and also skin deformation.
Massive Urchin Turning - The massive urchin is just what it claims to be, one million polygons of sea creature with a turn movement to simulate transformations.
Comperision of Max, XSI and Maya. Joggergraph

Massive Urchin Twisting - The same million-polygon urchin but this time with deformation. This test stresses the machine the most in all cases.

One Million Particles - The one million particle test demonstrates the ability of the software to generate particles along a path.

1000 Cubes Rotating - The turning cubes also demonstrate the ability of the software to handle transformations for 1000 objects.

1000 Cubes Rotating - The turning cubes also demonstrate the ability of the software to handle transformations for 1000 objects.
10000 Particles with Four Goals - The 10000 particles and four goals demonstrate particles being generated and also transformed.

The Rules:
1. Only one application can be open at a time. In fact, the tests were run on a completely clean machine with no other applications running.
2. The tests are run full-screen.
3. The tests are opened through the File Menu and not dragged and dropped because the different products manage models and related information differently.
4. All animations are run at 24 fps.
5. Tests are run in wireframe to be sure the GPU is playing a role in rendering.
6. Nothing is selected in the scene.

Workstation Specs and Software:
- AMD Opteron Quad-Core 2.30 GHz with 2 processors
- 8GB of RAM.
- Graphics board was a FireGL V7600 with the Catalyst 2008.0603.2230.38408 driver.
- The tests were run on both 64-bit Vista and Window XP.
- 3ds Max and Maya (as of Summer 2008) and XSI 7.

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Comperision of Max, XSI and Maya.
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