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 Aviation Arthouse - best quality aviation prints at a resonable price.

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PostSubject: Aviation Arthouse - best quality aviation prints at a resonable price.   Sun Oct 26, 2008 12:49 pm

Aviation Arthouse was formed in 2006. Our goal is to provide the best quality aviation prints at a resonable price.

Aviation Arthouse was started by aviation artists who found that the traditional aviation art market only caters for a certain group of artists and collectors. Aviation Arthouse is meant to get a bit more diversity on the market, with very high quality artwork, presented in a professional way.

Welcome to Aviation Arthouse

For many years most aviation art galleries have only featured the same artists over and over again. Until now it didn’t really matter where you looked, it was all the same. That has now changed. On this site you will find the artwork of a new generation of world class artists. Don’t let new names scare you, we do not want to represent artists that are not already producing stunning work.

Why not have a look for yourself in the gallery. There is something there for everyone, from the early days of flying to fast jets. From axis to allied. We might even have some pictures of tanks or ships ! Each of the featured artists has a very distinctive style and most have specialized in a certain era or topic. So, please have a look at all of them, you will not be disappointed.

If you have ideas or requests for custom made pieces by any of these artists, please get in touch. Also any other questions, comments or requests you might have, we’ll be happy to chat.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Lotte and Wiek Luijken.

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Aviation Arthouse - best quality aviation prints at a resonable price.
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