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 [Tutorial] Final Gather / Maya & Mental Ray

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[Tutorial] Final Gather / Maya & Mental Ray Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial] Final Gather / Maya & Mental Ray   [Tutorial] Final Gather / Maya & Mental Ray I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2008 1:08 pm

Getting started with Mental Ray's Final Gather (it's not as hard as it looks)
This tutorial was designed to teach anyone who is interested in rendering with Mental Ray's Final Gather but was either scared to learn or simply didn't think they had the time. Well, I hope this tutorial can quiet your fears and answer some questions. The information i'm about to share with you is by no means original. Yes, I created all the images and renderings, however I am only offering you the information which I have learned from those who came before me. Without further adieu, on to the tutorial.

Understanding what Final Gather does

Technically speaking, Final Gathering (FG for short) means that at each shaded point, the hemisphere above that point is sampled to compute indirect illumination, in addition to direct illumination. The hemisphere is sampled by sending rays into appropriate directions. Basically, FG lights up your scene by using samples of light from surrounding surfaces and the environment. Note: FG is commonly mistaken for Global Illumination (GI). The main difference is that GI creates a render based on light information and gives you more control over lighting your scene. FG creates a render using information within the surface of the objects in the scene. FG is commonly used to light a character model to give it a soft, "clay-like" feel.

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[Tutorial] Final Gather / Maya & Mental Ray
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